Your website can change and grow as well. We take the time to understand your needs, what sets us apart from other businesses and during the web design for order process.

Our websites are always built to be secure and scalable for new website with new order system. Our designs are extensible so you can start modestly and add features as your business grows or changes. We use open source technologies which allow you to both minimize your costs and keep up with advances in design and technology. We can integrate your existing legacy software thereby allowing you to keep your current systems and promote your products and service your customers in new ways.

Client: Jedburgh Tandori

Category: Restaurent , takeaway and amy supply chain management system


Online order platforms constitute a booming segment of Canadian business. One of the keys is designing simple user interfaces for buyers and sellers.
Online order platforms need to include features like real time communication, location based search, live chat, videos, blogs, photos, and social media integration, but with a minimum affect on the performance of the website.
Our designers and engineers work together to create reliable and scalable apps. We take the process from beginning to end, from design to development to acceptance by Google all the way to launch and marketing as well as integration with social media for increased virility.

Demo Theme for website

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